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Member Warns of Scam Emails

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Member for Lockyer, Ian Rickuss MP warned the community of an email scam purporting to be from the ANZ that is being sent to email accounts.

Mr Rickuss said if the scammers were brazen enough to send this type of scam email to the Lockyer Parliamentary account, it just goes to show that the whole community should be aware and alert to the risks.

An ANZ spokesperson said that the only organisation who will ever contact you about suspicious activity with your accounts is your bank, no other company including the ATO or the police have access to your financial information.

"If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, complete some research:
• Verify the issue being described to you by the scammer; review your own bank records and confirm whether the unusual activity has occurred on your accounts.

• Verify the person who initiated contact with you. Terminate the call, look up the correct telephone number for the company they claim to represent and make appropriate enquiries.
Refer to government websites that identify and track evolving scams:
• Scam watch:
• Stay Smart Online:

"If you still feel unsure of your situation following the incident, visit your nearest bank branch to verify account activity in person and to discuss your concerns with a banker face-to-face.

"Finally, always think twice before sharing personal information over the phone or online (contact number, date of birth, home address, bank details etc.)"

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